PE, Sport and Healthy Living

Physical Education Curriculum Overview

Physical Education at St. Joseph’s is a key part of our children’s learning experience.  It is essential that all children take part in some form of physical activity every week.

We aim for every child to have 2 compulsory hours and 2 optional hours of physical activity every week.  This is split into 4 categories:

  • 1 hour of PE lessons
  • 1 hour of Active learning
  • 1 hour of extra-curricular activity to take place on the premises
  • 1 hour of sports activity to take place off site via a link from school.

In order to be of benefit to all concerned, P.E. needs to be experienced in a safe and caring environment in order for it to contribute to all pupils’ development. Our P.E. programme provides opportunities for pupils to increase their self-confidence through an ability to manage themselves, with a skill-based approach rather than sport-specific lessons.  Children aim to beat their personal best, rather than try to be the best performer.

All lessons incorporate a fitness element, giving the children the opportunity to build up physical fitness gradually over their time at St. Joseph’s.


Links to local community sports and leisure clubs

TRFC in the Community (dance and football

Flickers and Fliers (Trampolining)

Thorndale Tennis Club

Cheshire Cricket All-Stars

Steen Sports (gymnastics and free-running)

WESPA (Elite Sports Academy)

Edsential (Multi-sport curriculum and extra curricular support)