Resources for Children

Mental wellbeing describes how you are feeling, what you are thinking, what your mood is like and how well you can cope with everyday life. When you are feeling happy, content and calm your mental wellbeing is in balance and positive, but everybody experiences times where they feel less calm and less in control of their feelings. This is a natural part of growing up as a child as well as being an adult too. We all feel down or low sometimes, so try not to worry. This can last for a short period of time where you might feel grumpy or sad, but other times this can last for a bit longer.

Try to do things you like doing! Go for short walks, get out on your bike, or scooter. There is lots of science that says being active helps you to feel happier! Dance and listen to your favourite music, do sensory things like play with water, even washing the dishes helps. Stroke any pets that you have or cuddle your teddy bears. Play with play dough or make cakes and biscuits - and decorate them. Get out gardening, make a bird feeder or wind chimes. Go hunting for mini-beasts and butterflies. Watch your favourite films, pamper yourself, do a dress up day, paint or draw pictures adding as much detail as possible. All of these things can help.

This page gives you lots of resources and activities to help you stay mentally well and develop your ability to cope during challenging times, but anything else that makes you feel happy is fine as well.