What is Power Up?

  • For both the Key worker/ vunerable children and our remote learners, this has been an extremely challenging and unique situation.  Our children have had to adapt to a completely different learning model, and we have an unprecedented scenario where we must amalgamate two groups of children who have had two different learning experiences since the start of January.
  • With the children returning on 8th March, we feel as a school that we cannot begin to fully meet our children’s needs until we have given proper focus and thought towards the children’s mental health and well-being.
  • The big challenge our children face is readjusting back to the daily school structure, which may be difficult if they are experiencing a reduction in work, physical and mental stamina.
  • To help our children as best as we can, we have developed a 6-week programme based around outdoor learning and exploring mental health, with themes relating to being away from school and friends. 
  • Each week will have an overall theme broken down into social (BuddyUp), mental (HeadsUp), physical (ShapeUp) and healthy aspects (FuelUp).
  • The sessions will cover areas from the curriculum including PE, PSHE, Science, Literacy, Art and DT, with an emphasis on communication between the children.
HeadsUp is all about focusing on our mental health.  The two main areas are to improve our own existing mental health and also to encourage the children to look for warning signs and know when to ask for help. 
Activities include circle time sessions, meditation, hot seating and encouraging children to regularly share how they are feeling.
BuddyUp is all about focusing on our current and future friendships.  Keeping strong and lasting friendships are vital for our wellbeing.  In this part of the sessions children will learn about how they and their friends interests may change as they grow up and how a positive class dynamic is vital to develop friendships with peers.
Activities include artwork, drama and teambuilding.
ShapeUp is looking after our physical health.  The children will focus on exercises that they enjoy doing, and understand the benefits of physical activity to both body and mind.
Activities include yoga, outdoor recreation, competitions and circuit training.
FuelUp is about making sure that we look after our body with good diet and hygiene.  The children will learn different food groups and how to follow a balanced diet.  They will also learn the importance of being clean, particularly focusing on the changes we have had to make to our lives in terms of washing hands and social distancing.
Activities include taste tests, artwork and science based practical activities.