Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Overview

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) is a compulsory and exciting part of our Key Stage 2 (KS2)’s children curriculum. We aim for every Key Stage 2 child to have 45-60 minutes of MFL teaching each week.

All KS2 children learn French, following the ‘EasyMFL’ syllabus.  This scheme covers 4 years of learning from Year 3 to Year 6, starting with basic phrases and vocabulary in Year 3 all the way up to complex sentence formation in Year 6. 

The session use a variety of learning styles, split into the 4 key skills of learning a language:

·         Speaking

·         Reading

·         Writing

·         Listening

We also aim to enhance to curriculum by doing focus days/assemblies, workshops from MEAS and are currently looking for a French speaking school to link with