Curriculum at St Josephs's Catholic Primary

Curriculum at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary
At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we recognise and value each child as an individual with a unique potential for growth. We believe that an effective curriculum is one which develops the whole child by promoting the academic, spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, and physical qualities of all learners
Our curriculum is underpinned by Gospel values and places at its heart the need to provide all pupils, whatever their disadvantage or need, with the knowledge, skills and cultural capital to succeed in life. Our curriculum takes into account all statutory requirements.
It is personalised to reflect the backgrounds and experience of our learners ensuring that it is outward-looking to develop a sense of both personal and global responsibility. It celebrates diversity and respect for all enabling children to gain a deeper awareness of the world in which we live and the need for mutual respect and understanding.
A key aim of our curriculum is to ensure that the opportunities we provide develop and embed knowledge, skills and understanding for each child. All stakeholders are part of the development of the curriculum design. In devising our curriculum we have fully considered the context of our school and the unique needs of our children in order to enable all to become confident, resilient and independent learners prepared for life in our ever-changing world.
Our curriculum aims to promote and deepen global learning developing within all learners a sense of global responsibility. Our Catholic Faith and RE curriculum underpin our teaching of social and global responsibility deepening learners awareness of the needs of our world and our role within it.
We aim to ensure that our curriculum is engaging. We want all children to enjoy learning and embrace challenge as we recognise that this high level of engagement leads to progress.
We ensure our curriculum is enriched in a variety of way through a range of trips; visitors and real world contexts. It provides innovative, stimulating and inspiring experiences ensuring meaningful cross-curricular links and regular opportunities for outdoor and active learning. In recognising the individual interests, skills and talents of our pupils we aim to provide a curriculum which is designed flexibly to meet the needs of all.
Our curriculum is language enriched – We ensure all pupils are given extensive opportunity to develop vital language and literacy skills placing Reading at the heart of our curriculum.
All decisions are made in the best interests of the children; preparing them for the next stage of education and enabling them to become lifelong learners and succeed in life
To ensure an ambitious, quality curriculum for all pupils we have considered the following:
  • Statutory Requirements 
  • Local context and relevant barriers
  • The curriculum as a progressive model
  • The need to plan and sequence coherently in order to accumulate sufficient knowledge and skills