Reporting absence

If your child falls ill or cannot attend school due to exceptional circumstances then please ensure that you contact the school on the first day of absence, by 9:30am stating the reason. 
Please call the office directly (0151 638 3919) to report your child absence. Please do not message over Class Dojo to report absence. Please do not assume if you have sent a message on dojo to a teacher that the office will know about that absence.  You still need to call the office. 
If the school does not receive an explanation for absence, or if the explanation is unacceptable, then the absence will be marked as unauthorised.
If pupils are absent frequently for medical reasons then a medical note may be requested. If your child's attendance is under 90%, then you will need to provide medical evidence in order for the absence to be classed as an authorised absence. 
As a school, we reserve the right to do unannounced door visits to ascertain reasons for absence or to address any concerns we have that we've been unable to find out via phone calls home.  This is in line with our safeguarding policy and processes.