Wallasey Town Hall

Our School Council went to Wallasey Town Hall on Tuesday 11th March. We were invited there by Mayor Mitchell. Mayor Mitchell has been a Councillor for 31 years!

The Mayor greeted us at the door and took us on a very interesting and informative tour of the Town Hall. We learnt that; 

  • Wirral has its own flag. There are two of them proudly standing outside the Town Hall
  • There are lions' heads in the brick work of the building. This is linked with the two families who owned the Wirral originally. 
  • All our brave soldiers who were awarded the Victoria Cross are named on a special plaque in the Mayor's waiting room
  • The Tram was invented by a Wirral man and the Wirral was the first place in the world to have a Tram system
  • Our Town Hall is 100 years old this month. King George V opened it on the 25th of March 1914.