Pastoral Care & Support

At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, we strongly believe in caring for all our children and families. At different stages in our lives, we might well experience some difficult times. As part of the support we can provide at school, we work with children and their families to find positive solutions and outcomes.


Our School family is here to help pupils make the most of school life by breaking down barriers to learning and helping to make school a happy and successful place for them.

The first point of call is always the class teacher as this relationship is imperative because they are the daily contact and know your child best. In each class, there are 'I wish my teacher knew' boxes in which the children are encouraged to share any worries so their class team are able to address and support them.


The aims of Pastoral Support at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School:

  • To provide support that meets the differing needs of all children.

  • To support children to address social, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs.

  • To maintain a nurturing atmosphere in which children feel secure; are encouraged in their learning' their growth and social development and know they are valued within a healthy and safe environment.

  • To reassure parents/carers their children are being educated in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • To encourage pupils to recognise and reflect upon our core values (Service, Justice and Love)

  • To work with a range of  parents, support staff, outreach agencies and other schools to ensure the continuity and progress of individual pupils.



The role of the Pastoral Support: 

  • To support and work alongside parents in addressing pastoral concerns impacting on their child’s learning and development.

  • To work with staff in ensuring good pupil support and build upon the caring and respectful relationships that exist between staff, pupils and families.

  • To provide specialist direct work to support individual children; listening and talking to children who may need support in a variety of pastoral issues, for example, self-esteem and confidence, bereavement, managing feelings, anxieties/worries, separation and developing social and friendships skills.

  • Responding to situations as they arise within school.

  • Meeting with parents/carers to discuss issues relating to their child.

  • To ‘signpost’ families to outside services for appropriate provision and support.

In addition to this we have our Pastoral Lead, Mrs Higgins.
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Mrs Higgins can provide support directly for your child in school or by giving you advice and directing you to helpful services and support. This could include issues such as:
Please click on the links below to access support to helpful agencies and websites that cover many different areas.