Foundation 2

Welcome to F2!

It has been lovely welcoming you all into F2 over the last couple of weeks. All the children are now happily settled in, getting used to their new surroundings, adapting to a daily routine and making lots of friends. We’re looking forward to a very happy year where we can play, learn and grow together.

In foundation 2 the children explore through play as well as independent learning. They will have a year full of opportunity to develop academically as well as socially, in line with our school values.


Mrs Walker – Foundation Manager/F2 Class Teacher

Miss Turner – F2 Class Teacher

Mrs Henderson –Teaching Assistant


Attendance and Punctuality

Staggered start and finish times have been introduced to reduce the number of parents/carers arriving at the school site at any one time.

Parents/carers should drop their children off at the Foundation playground gate in the morning, and collect them from there at the following times  

F2 start time is: 8.45am

F2 finish time is: 3.00pm

Staff will be available to support you.

Please exit the area promptly and maintain social distancing of 2 metres outside the school-grounds when dropping off and collecting your child.   


Staying Safe

Both classes in F2 will be working as one bubble. They will all have playtime and lunchtime in this bubble.

All children will participate in regular hand washing throughout the day and where possible will be encouraged to socially distance.




We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The curriculum consists of 7 areas of equal importance:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This half term F2 have been introduced to school rules and routines. They have met Peter Puppy who is looking for, ‘good watching’, ‘good listening’, ‘kind hearts’ and ‘good sitting and listening’. They will be making good friendships; playing with different children, initiating conversations and accepting the needs of others, taking turns and sharing resources.

Communication and Language

Throughout the Autumn Term, the children will be developing their speaking and listening skills. They will be listening to one another, and following simple instructions. Through play, they will be talking about past experiences, retelling a past event in order and questioning why things happen. 

Physical Development

F2 will participate in PE sessions twice a week and learn some simple balances, experiment in different ways of moving and using different parts of our body. They will also take part in fine motor activities to develop their hand muscles and begin to develop an effective pencil grip. Some of them will practise correctly forming their letters when handwriting, focusing on letter size. They will talk about healthy eating and keeping themselves healthy by washing their hands.


This half term in Literacy lessons F2 will be reading the book ‘My mum and dad make me laugh’. They will look closely at the illustrations and what they tell us about the story, making predictions and describing characters. At story time they will be listening to stories from our author this half term, ‘Jill murphy’ such as, ‘Peace at Last’, ‘Whatever next’ and ‘On the way home’. Through Read Write Inc (phonics) they will be learning new sounds and beginning to blend.


In maths this half term F2 will be focusing on numbers 1-4. During our Maths sessions, children will learn counting rhymes such as animals went in 2 by 2, three blind mice and 5 little ducks. We will encourage accurate 1 to 1 counting and begin to match the number of objects with the correct numeral. They will use positional language and begin to explore pattern, shape and size, such as circles (1 line), semi-circle (2 lines), triangle (3 lines and square/rectangle (4 lines).

Understanding the world

F2 will talk about their family and imitate familiar events in their pretend play. They will learn about similarities and differences between families. They will go on an autumn walk to look for signs of autumn and talk about changes.

Expressive Arts and Design

F2 will join in with singing familiar nursery rhymes as well as learning new ones. They will use their imaginations in the small world play and Home corner. They will independently use paint and collage materials in the Creative Area and experiment with different textures and colours.



This year, we are using a new style of foundation subject curriculum, which has been written specifically for our children by our teachers.  Children will learn key historical and geographical knowledge through a dilemma-led story including fictional and significant heroes.  We hope these lessons will inspire children to not just learn facts, but strive to become an empowered, active citizen who can make a difference in the world they live in.

For our first topic we will be focusing on the question ‘are goodies always good and baddies always bad?’



In RE we follow the ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’ syllabus. The first topic for this half term is ‘God’s World.’ Our key learning objectives are to;

  •        Come to know that God loves each one always and at all times.
  •        Begin to hear about God’s wonderful world.


Foundation 2 will have P.E. on Wednesday (PM) and Thursday (AM) with Mr McGovern.

Your child must come to school wearing their full P.E kit. Ideally this should consist of

  • T-shirt/top
  • Hooded/zip up jacket/sweatshirt,
  • tracksuit/jogging bottoms/leggings,
  • Socks
  • Old/cheap trainers (preferably not pumps as PE will be held outside as much as possible.)


Remember children should not wear expensive clothes as there is risk of them getting torn or muddy during outdoor PE sessions.