PE, Sport and Healthy Living

PE and Sport Funding

Overview and Rationale

In April 2013, the Government announced annual funding of £150m for primary school PE and Sport. Over the next 3 years each school will recieve approximately £9000. This money will be spent on improving the provision of PE and Sport. Rationale During the first year of funding, we aim to develop 3 areas; 1. Improve the provision of the P.E. curriculum across all year group support 2. Increase opportunities for all children to access competitive and non competitive physical activity. 3. Increase awareness in school in regards to health and well-being. The website will be updated with details of how the funding is being spent and the impact it is having.


The DfE has made the following statement:

“The DfE understands that schools are keen to know how much funding they will receive so that they can plan for the next academic year, and are seeking to communicate high level principles in preparation for the new academic year. These will be announced in due course, however, we can confirm that all schools will see an increase in their premium allocation.”

The new Government guidelines expectation is that every child should leave primary school with the ability to swim 25 meters unaided. 
This is a very challenging target and to try to combat that this we are starting a brand new initiative, where we are going to offer free weekly swimming lessons for Year 5 children.
This will happen every Friday morning, with the aim that the Year 5 class make the Government expectation before they start Year 6.
Watch this space for updates on their progress!
We are hopefully looking to start our swimming lessons on the 2nd week back after half term (WB 9/11/20).  the delay has been unfortunately down to Guinea Gap baths not reopening after the Spring lockdown.
Children need a swimming kit, towel and goggles (optional)
  • All children will take part regardless of ability.  Any children who aren't currently swimming unaided will always be in their depth or in a position to hold onto the side.
  • We will be walking down (whatever the weather!) so please always have a coat, even if it is a nice day.
  • Children may bring a small healthy snack to eat on the walk back.
  • If there is a medical reason your child cannot swim please provide a note before the session takes place.
Level 1 Competition
Since the new restrictions that have been put into place. Level 1 competition is more important than ever.
Level 1 is where you compete against other children from your own class or year in school.
There will be an end of term multi sports competition for Year 3 and 5 in the last week before half term, and there will be the same for Year 4 and 6 after half term.
These competitions will take place in the after school club.
Level 2 Competition 
This year we have entered an exciting partnership with 4 other local Catholic schools (Holy Spirit, Scared Heart, St. Alban's and SS Peter and Paul).  This partnership will provide opportunities for competitive sport between all 5 schools in a variety of sports. 

PE Sport and Health Governor

Mrs Tara Murray is our nominated School Governor for school sport, P.E. and health.

Mrs Murray has been on the governing body for over 4 years, and has always been passionate about sport.  She is a keen trampolinist and pole vaulter and also takes interest in completing endurance events including triathlons.

She meets regularly with our PE co-coordinator Mr McGovern (who is also on the governing body as a Teacher Governor) to discuss current and new ideas to improve our PE provision.

She also regularly attends school sport events and is passionate about sport being inclusive and accessible for all children at St. Joseph's


Links to local community sports and leisure clubs

TRFC in the Community (dance and football

Flickers and Fliers (Trampolining)

Thorndale Tennis Club

Cheshire Cricket All-Stars

Steen Sports (gymnastics and free-running)

WESPA (Elite Sports Academy)

Edsential (Multi-sport curriculum and extra curricular support)