Year 5

Dear all,


Although we cannot all be together at this time, we remain a St Joseph's family and we are putting every effort into continuing a high standard of education for all children.


All children, in school and out, are completing the same work and live lessons take place twice a day through Google Meet. We look forward to the time when we can all be together again. 

The Curriculum


Year 5 have just finished a unit on multiplication and division in which they have covered long multiplication, short division, factors, multiples and square numbers. They are now moving on to fractions. During this unit the children will learn about; unit and non-unit fractions, improper and mixed number fractions, equivalent fractions and adding fractions. This comprehensive unit will provide children with a thorough understanding of fractions and how we use them in real life. After this we will move on to look at decimals and percentages. The children will look at problems in a real life context and complete a number of problem solving activities.

As ever, it is essential that the children continue to practise their times tables and related division facts.  



Year 5 are completing a writing unit based on the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ series. This step-by-step unit takes the children through writing a narrative and an instructional text. The children are developing skills including; writing compound and complex sentences, developing vocabulary around different characteristics and improving their spelling skills with a focus on the use of suffixes.


Curriculum of Hope

Our current Curriculum of Hope is a history topic in which the children will learn all about The Anglo Saxons and Vikings. The children will discover how and why they came to Britain, who Alfred the Great was and where the Anglo Saxons and Vikings settled in Britain. In Spring 2 Year 5 will be exploring climate change and the effect it is having in the Maldives. The children will look at what is causing climate change, the impact of climate chance and whether it is something we should concern ourselves with.



 Our Science topic in Spring 1 concentrates of the life cycle of a flower, how plants and flowers are pollinated and how new plants are created.

In Spring 2 we will focus on the lifecycles of mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians. The children will learn about the different ways animals reproduce and those animals which are exceptions to the normal rules.



Our RE topic this half term focusses on what it means to be a true follower on Jesus and how past disciples have shown their dedication to him. We reflect on the different ways people have shown their faith in God and what we can do to show ours. The children will explore the Beatitudes, what they mean and how they can be demonstrated,


Staggered start and end of day times have been introduced to aid social distancing.
Year 5 start school at 9.05am and finish at 3.30pm.
However some children come to (and leave) school earlier due to having a sibling in a younger year group.
Parents/carers should drop/collect their children from the KS1 playground where there will be staff to assist you. Please arrive and leave promptly to help prevent crowding around the gates.
PE with Mr McGovern
PE days for Year 5 are currently Thursday. Children are allowed to wear full PE kits all day. PE kit should ideally consist of:
  • T-shirt/Top
  • Hooded/zip up jacket/sweatshirt
  • Tracksuit/jogging bottoms/leggings
  • Old/cheap trainers (not pumps as PE will take place outside as much as possible)
Please don't send the children in wearing football kits or any new expensive clothing as there is a risk of them getting torn or muddy.