Ethos and Values

'The aim of the Catholic school is the Christian growth of its children, not simply their growth in their own faith, but a growing awareness of the world as maturing Christians'. (Bishops' Conferences of England and Wales).

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is a Catholic School in the Diocese of Shrewsbury.  As a Catholic school we uphold Christian standards and values, and the message of Christ inspires the curriculum and all aspects of school life.  We form a community of teachers and pupils linked closely with the parents of the pupils and the wider community of the Parish.  Importance is given to the worship of God and the direct teaching of the Catholic faith in accordance with Roman Catholic doctrine and practice.  Suitable liturgies are prepared for different age groups at school and parish level.

The school aims to provide the kind of education which enables each pupil, in accordance with his or her ability, to become a dedicated member of the Catholic Church and a responsible citizen.

At St Joseph's we aim to:

  • Stand out as a happy, caring community, noted for the strength of its beliefs, its ethos and the treatment of the people within it;
  • Provide an education that develops the God-given gifts of the whole person, irrespective of faith, age, gender, ability or ethnicity;
  • Celebrate, through prayer and worship, all that God has given us;
  • Develop and nurture the relationships between the school, home, parish and lcoal communities;
  • Be a witness of Christ's values to the wider world.

At St Joseph's we strive to enable each child to achieve excellence and fulfil their potential academically, morally and spiritually.  Our enriched and diverse curriculum aims to enrich personal formation and nurture enquiring minds.  It promotes knowledge, understanding, skills and values in the context of spiritual, moral, intellectual, social and physical development.  The school endeavours to be an integral part of the local and parish community building strong supporting relationships with individuals and groups.

Special attention is devoted to the development of personal qualities, values and attitudes in accordance with the school's Mission Statement:

‘Love one another as I have loved you’ -John 15:12