Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!
In order to give everyone the most amount of support with their return to school, I will be posting videos regularly on my YouTube channel to 'pre-teach' some of the concepts that the children will be learning about this year. I will endeavour to share each video on class dojo and google classroom too, but remember to subscribe to the channel to receive instant notifications. The main focus of these videos will be mathematics and grammar, but if there is something that you would like specific support with, just ask. I'm happy to have a go at creating educational videos as a resource for any topic. :-)
During the Spring term, year 4 will be having PE every Thursday afternoon. Until further notice, we ask that the children arrive in school in their PE kit (any sports clothing will do, but it shouldn't be too expensive) and they will remain in their PE kit for the day to avoid the need for getting changed in school. 
This year, we are using a new style of foundation stage curriculum, which has been written specifically for our children by our teachers.  Children will learn key historical and geographical knowledge through a dilemma-led story including fictional and significant heroes.  We hope these lessons will inspire children to not just learn facts, but strive to become an empowered, active citizen who can make a difference in the world they live in.
As well as watching the videos I share for pre-teaching, the children should be accessing both the 'spelling shed' and 'times tables rockstars' websites. These are a fantastic resource for improving fluency and confidence. For the time being, in line with the current guidance, we will be unable to send books home for reading. However, the children will still be reading in school. While they are at home, please encourage them to read as much as possible. All the research suggests that the more children read, the better their writing will become.