Foundation 1

Welcome to F1

I have really enjoyed welcoming the children into F1 and seeing lots of smiles returning to school!  The children are settling in well and are enjoying the areas of provision set out for them.  It has been lovely to watch the children back playing happily with their friends!


Miss Howard- F1 Teacher

Mrs Collinson- F1 Teaching Assistant


Attendance and Punctuality

Staggered start and finish times have been introduced to reduce the number of parents/carers arriving at the school site at any one time.

Parents/carers should drop their children off at the Foundation playground gate in the morning, and collect them from there at the following times  

F1 start time is: 8.55am

F1 finish time is: 11.45am

30 Hour F1:  8.55am - 3pm

Staff will be available to support you.

Please exit the area promptly and maintain social distancing of 2 metres outside the school-grounds when dropping off and collecting your child.   


Staying Safe

Our F1 class is a bubble so they do not mix with other children outside of their bubble.

All children will participate in regular hand washing throughout the day and where possible will be encouraged to socially distance.

Please encourage regular hand washing at home and if possible get your children to use soap dispensers themselves as his will help them independently wash their hands in school.



We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The curriculum consists of the following areas:
Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This half term our focus will be helping the children settle in to school and to build relationships with adults and peers.  Your child will be given a key worker that they will work closely with and both key workers (Miss Howard and Mrs Collinson) will be available to talk to parents and carers before/after school.  F1 have been introduced to school rules and routines. They have met Terry the Turtle who looks for good sitting and listening. The children receive dojos for working hard, tidying, listening, sharing and many other things.  In the areas of provision we will be focussing on sharing, building relationships with peers and adults and encouraging children to talk about their own preferences and interests.  We tailor our curriculum around these interests.


Communication and Language

This term children will be exposed to lots of music, song and nursery rhymes, they will have the opportunity to join in with songs and stories and we will focus on starting to recall and answer questions about stories.  In the areas of provision children will be encourage to talk and listen to adults and peers and to focus on independent and adult led activities.



This half term in Literacy lessons F2 will be reading the book ‘Monkey Puzzle’. We will learn about ourselves and our families and how our school community can be like family.  We will act out the story and encourage children to join in with the story.  We will answer questions about our story and learn the language beginning, middle and end.



In maths we will focus on a number a week.  Through this we will be encouraging using number and shape language in the areas of provision and will focus on counting objects as well as counting jumps, claps, and steps.  We will compare groups of objects and use the language of more and less. 


Understanding the world

F1 will learn all about themselves and their families/ other families.  They will explore their new classroom and develop relationships with peers and staff. They will learn and talk about significant events in their own and each other lives and will celebrate and talk about events such as bonfire night, Halloween and Diwali.


Expressive Arts and Design

F1 will join in with their favourite nursery rhymes and have the opportunity to perform on our stage with costumes and microphones.  They will engage in narratives in the home corner, small world and construction.  F1 will represent their learning in the creative area where they will use different materials to create. 


Moving and Handling and PE

This term in the classroom we will be focusing on fine motor skills using play dough, tweezers, pencils and paintbrushes to make marks and represent our learning and creativity.  In PE the children will follow instructions and learn different ways of moving such as skipping, sliding, hopping and shuffling.  The children will also learn to walk and balance on some equipment.

Foundation 1 will have P.E. on Tuesday with Mr McGovern.

Your child must come to school wearing their full P.E kit. Ideally this should consist of

  • T-shirt/top
  • Hooded/zip up jacket/sweatshirt,
  • tracksuit/jogging bottoms/leggings,
  • Socks
  • Old/cheap trainers (preferably not pumps as PE will be held outside as much as possible.)


Remember children should not wear expensive clothes as there is risk of them getting torn or muddy during outdoor PE sessions.



This year, we are using a new style of foundation subject curriculum, which has been written specifically for our children by our teachers.  Children will learn about the world around them through a dilemma-led story including fictional characters and heroes.  We hope these lessons will inspire children to not just learn about their world but to become an active citizen who can make a difference in the world they live in.For our first topic we will be focusing on the question ‘How can my school community be like family?’



In RE we follow the ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’ syllabus. The first topic for this half term is ‘God’s World.’ Our key learning objectives are to;

  •        Come to know that God loves each one always and at all times.
  •        Begin to hear about God’s wonderful world.