Our story of the week is the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Please follow this youtube link that will take you to the story. I encourage you to read this with your child everyday, to allow your child to get to know the story.

I will attach a list of suggested questions to can ask your child at different stages of the book. This is great to check their understanding of the pictures and words.

For example:
What do you think our story is going to be about?
What might happen to the caterpillar?
What might happen next?

Can you ask your child to draw their favourite part of the story?

Sequencing activity:
Can you draw what the caterpillar ate on each day of the week?
Parents write days of the week in order in your child's home learning book and work together to listen to the story and draw what the caterpillar ate
Maths activities:

Caterpillar number ordering: https://www.tvokids.com/preschool/games/caterpillar-count

Can you fill in the missing numbers on the caterpillar?

Can you make a weekly timetable together and encourage your child to order the days of the week with the help of this song!
Additional activities:
Go on a trip to the supermarket and try to
find all of the different food that The Very
Hungry Caterpillar eats.

Talk about fruits such as the ones in the
story. Have the children ever grown their
own fruit? Help the children to plant and
care for easy-to-grow fruits such as

Web sites for young children

Always review the sites ahead of time so that you are able to help your children

find the best resources available within the sites. Some offer a great number of

games, songs, stories, videos etc. so it is important to know the site well in order to

support and develop your child’s learning.



Excellent site built around the 7 areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation

Stage. You can access a free 7 day trial but you need to subscribe after this period

to access the content – various subscription packages available.



Great site with some free phonics games



Many games often recognised by children from their favourite programmes.


Links to particular cbeebies games from areas of learning.



cbeebies stories and rhymes.



Interactive books and reading activities to share with your child at home.



New and improved! Try creating your own Spot story.



Books for reading together with links to understanding of the world (good for

natural science).



Some excellent numeracy and literacy resources



Good for spelling high frequency and tricky words!



Lots of maths and literacy games



Many games and songs including those relating to festivals.



Many delightful games. Spend some time exploring!



Games of varying quality to support different areas of learning.



The Little animals’ activity centre - plenty of good quality activities to support learning



The Little animals’ activity centre – stories



Various educational games, videos and craft ideas



British Council “Learn English” – songs and stories



Good quality games from a range of websites such as BBC, as well as Birmingham’s

own. Supports communication, language and literacy, problem solving, reasoning and

numeracy as well as other areas of learning.



Problem solving reasoning and numeracy



Visit the world with Barnaby Bear!