2 Year Olds - Mrs Higgins

Mason working hard, washing his car!! 
Max enjoying playing with play dough!
Max created eggs and fruit using the playdough. Then used a plastic knife to cut the dough into shapes! This is great for developing their fine motor skills! 
Riley enjoying his book at home, learning about shapes and colours. Well done Riley!
Isla has coloured a lovely picture of an Easter egg! Well done Isla!
Isla and her sisters have used papier mache to create their very own money boxes! 
Isla has created her own hand print, using salt dough!
Phil has created this lovely picture, of his new house. With the help from Auntie Louise! We wish Phil and his family lots of luck and happiness in their new home x
Max enjoyed going out into his garden, on a bug hunt!
He found a worm, and called it Eric! Max enjoyed watching it disappear down into its hole. 
Riley enjoying bubble time at home! 
We hope you have all had a lovely and peaceful Easter. Thank you to the parents who have sent some lovely photographs of their  children having fun and keeping busy. Keep them coming!!!!
Phil has been busy, drawing pictures for his Auntie's birthday and baking yummy cakes. They look very tasty! How many cakes did you make, Phil?                           
Riley has been very busy! He enjoys looking at his Caterpillar counting book and sitting in his very own den in the front garden. Riley, you look very comfy! Well done Riley, listening to and dancing to some of our number songs before bed. Keep up the good work and have fun x 
Indi enjoyed a lovely Spring walk with her family. Poor Indi and her sisters have all had chickenpox and were stuck indoors for three weeks. They look very happy to be out the house and in the sun. 
I particularly love the art work! Who else has seen this?
Isla and her sisters have been very busy! Making playdough and enjoying their daily exercise of walks in the sunshine! Isla and her sister Annie made their very own masks! I'm sure you would agree, they look fantastic! Our very own superheroes
Isla enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine with her sisters. This is a great message! I will have to go and have a little look at it, during my daily exercise!
Max is having great fun!! He enjoyed dressing up with his sister and riding his new bike. Max, I really like your pool and I'm sure you have had lots of fun splashing about!
WOW !! Isla was very busy last week, reading and enjoying our story 'There's a shark in the park' with her sister Annie. She created her very own telescope, which she then used out on her daily walk! 'Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope looks through his telescope'. Did you see any sharks?? 
Riley has been trying new tastes and textures at home.
Well done Riley !!
Phil has been helping Daddy with the gardening. We can't wait to see what you have grown!
Well done Phil x
Phil has been very busy this week! Caring for his plants and making sure they are watered, especially during this lovely warm weather we are having. Phil is also enjoying looking at his 'learning' posters with Mum. They are helping him with his mathematical development / understanding and encouraging Phil to learn now words! Well done Phil, Mum & Dad