Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage
The Early Years Curriculum
The Early Years curriculum covers 7 areas of learning, they are:
  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Questions and Answers

Who is my child’s key worker?

Your child will have been allocated a key worker during their first two weeks at St Josephs. Your child’s key worker is clearly displayed within class and will be either their class teacher or teaching assistant. Your child’s key worker will spend more time with your child than any other adult and keep an extra eye on their health and wellbeing.

What type of activities and experiences are provided?

All seven areas of the Foundation stage are covered indoors and outdoors through a broad and balanced curriculum. There is a balance of adult and child initiated activities. We have a child based approach to our curriculum meaning we begin with the children ideas and interest. All objectives are based on previous observations of the children and set accordantly to support progress.

Our objectives encourage all children learn - 

  • Through talk, investigation, observation and interaction with adults and peers. 
  • Through the encouragement of independent learning 
  • Through the organisation of resources in a stimulating way to encourage independence, self-help and a sense of ownership
  • Through movement and using all their senses
  • Through having time to explore their ideas and interests 
  • Through feeling secure enough to become confident learners 
  • Through creative and imaginative play activities that promote the development and use of language

 How can I access more information and share learning at home?

Every week in your child’s homework book there will be a homework diary. This will outline the learning that will be going on that week and give you some ideas of how to carry on the learning at home.  We also encourage parents to share your child’s achievements at home by filling out our ‘Wow’ cards. These can be found at the entrance of your child’s classroom. All 'Wow' comments will contribute to your child’s assessments.

How does the setting support children with special educational needs and disabilities?

We aim to work with parents to identify the learning needs and areas of difficulty as quickly as possible to avoid later difficulties. We develop effective strategies to meet these needs and aim to help all children participate to their full potential whatever their difficulties. All children receive provision and support that is appropriate to their individual needs with reference to the SEN code of practice. We collaborate closely with our SENCO Mrs Airey to help support the needs of all children.

What food and drink is provided for my child?

Your children will have snack time in the morning where they are offered milk and a breadstick. They will then be offered a piece of fruit or vegetable during the afternoon. Your child will have constant access to their own water bottle throughout the day.

If your child receives school dinners they will be provided with a set menu weekly

Link to school dinner’s menu-

Where can I find policies and procedures?

 All policies and procedures including the complaints procedure can be found on this website under 'Policies and Documents'